May 2022 Southern Maryland Civil War Round Table Meeting

May  10 , 2022

The Southern Maryland Civil War Round Table is pleased to announce that its next meeting will be held Tuesday, May 10, 2022 at 7:00pm at The Maryland Veterans Museum, 11000 Crain Highway North, Newburg, MD 20664.

Guest Speaker:  Bob Crickenberger



The Southern Maryland Civil War Round Table invites you to join us as we welcome friend of the Round Table Bob Crickenberger, who will speak to us tonight about The Prisoners of Point Lookout.

Seeks Ghosts: The Ghosts of Point Lookout Part l

Discussions regarding the prison camp at Point Lookout usually begin with the prison being a horrible place including prisoner rations, disease, shelter, etc. Seldom, if ever, does anyone exam the process a prisoner went through once they arrived at Point Lookout. Points such as How did they get there? Where did they arrive from? What were they wearing? What was the process they went through once they arrived? How were they assigned once in the prison? Questions such as these will be examined and discussed during this session.

Confederate POWs at Point Lookout Prisoner of War Camp ...

Retired as a Production Coordinator for the Prince George’s County Department of Printing, Bob has taken an active role in the preservation of our Southern Maryland Civil War history. A volunteer at Point Lookout State Park since 1978, Bob is also the founder and chairman of The Friends of Point Lookout, which has been in existence since 1985. As well as being a member of the Round table, Bob is also a member of the Sons of Union Veterans Sgt. James Harris Camp #38.

Please come out and join us as we learn more about the events and people that contributed to our own rich Southern Maryland Civil War history.  Attendance is free, but membership is recommended. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns at or at 443-975-9142.